How to Keep Your Makeup From Transferring Onto Your Mask

How to Keep Your Makeup From Transferring Onto Your Mask

As we all get accustomed to our “new normal,” many makeup lovers have run into the same problem: how do we prevent our makeup from rubbing off on the inside of our masks?


At first, it seemed like we only had two options: either don’t wear makeup at all or get used to it inevitably smudging off. Both of these options are not all that appealing. Especially not for those who are still required to go into public for work but still want to wear a little makeup.


The good news is that transfer-proof makeup techniques have existed for decades! These techniques were invented by professional makeup artists who rely on them for runway shows, editorials or movie shoots. Makeup made to last through anything!


Powerful products like sealants or fixing sprays have only gotten better with time and technology, in addition you have long-wear foundations, waterproof mascaras and eyeliners. These are great tools to have in your arsenal, but what if you don’t feel like spending an arm and a leg for new products?


If that’s the case, keep reading for a list of techniques you can try with the products that you already own!

Technique #1: The Jackie Aina

After applying your skincare, apply setting powder to your face, then use a setting spray. Next apply a primer, then your regular foundation routine. Lastly, another round of setting powder and spray and you should be good to go! This technique is recommended for those who have oily skin.

Technique #2: Minimal Foundation

If you need your makeup to stay put, most makeup artists will recommend that you simply wear less makeup. In this case, wear minimal foundation, or opt to spot conceal to give coverage to specific areas of the face and set with powder. You will have less transfer to your mask simply because there is less makeup to transfer.

Technique #3: Mix Setting Spray With Your Foundation

This technique is another simple one. Using a fluffy foundation brush, one that is good for buffing, load it with your foundation and then spray the loaded bristles with setting spray before applying to your face. The mixing of the foundation and setting spray together will make your foundation become more long wearing and many makeup lovers swear by it!


So there you have it! Three techniques you can try with what you already have at home. Of course, not all the techniques will work for every individual, but you can go through each one of them and see what works best for you and your skin type.


And again, there’s only so much you can do about makeup transfer. It can also depend on what type of mask you use, if it hugs your face tightly, or how delicate you are in removing it. All of these factors can contribute to makeup transfer.

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