Secret Santa Pay-It-Forward


Do you like receiving gifts at Christmas time? What about a gift from a secret SANTA?

A ROCKING Glam Time! 

Hey Glama’s,

Have you heard about our NEW Secret Santa? 

“Send a Lil JOY + LOVE to your friends, families, and strangers… 

In the time of GLOOM, we must choose to BLOOM in LOVE.

A LITTLE or MUCH, it’s the thought that counts. BIG or SMALL we WELCOME them all. 

We even wrap in Christmas decore and can have it sent free to the DOOR.” 



shhH......... it's secret santa time

The Beauty Box by Sheriff does it again, with our innovative Pay it Forward gift-giving program!

Your support will immediately help your local beauty shop during these unforeseen times,  plus brighten a stranger’s or someone that you know day with something just Glam IT! beautiful. 

With your support, we will have secret Santa’s  – Elves from the just Glam IT! team delivering secret Santa grams in Winnipeg area by dropping off a fully wrapped gift containing something yummy and beautiful to another Glama this season.  With home quarantines and our current social distance measure, we want to touch all of our clients during these crazy times by delivering some joy into everyone’s lives. 

Each Glama recipient will be asked to Pay-it Forward by purchasing a small gift from various price levels starting from only $5.00 and we will forward a gift to another Glama on our client list or you may also opt to have a Secret Santa sent to someone that you LOVE.

We are offering free curbside scheduled pick-up during set hours at our location and free delivery within Winnipeg on $20.00 gifts. Secret Santa gifts outside of Winnipeg, will have additional charge for postage to your destination.  

Tis the season of giving, help us to continue this mission of spreading the just Glam IT! Love, this Christmas Season. 

Let’s us all give together! 

Spirits BRIGHT!

option a

option b

option c

option d

This secret Santa package A includes FREE gift wrap and contains a Yummy Christmas treat, sure to please Glama’s of all ages.  Price $5

This secret Santa package B will include Free gift wrap, along with a Yummy Christmas treat and one beauty product, chosen by the just Glam IT Team.  – Includes 1 Beauty Product. Price $10

This secret Santa package C will is our  MOST POPULAR: include all the goodies from Package B but will include an additional beauty product chosen by the just Glam IT! Team. – Included 2 Beauty Products Price $20

This secret Santa package D is perfect for our MOST GENEROUS clients. This kit will include all of the Glam items in package C but will include a total of 4 Beauty Products or accessories. Perfect gift for the makeup lover in your life.  Price $50

Secret Santa Gift
Secret Santa Gift
Secret Santa Gift
secret Santa Pay It Forward

send some glam love!


"Wow what a great way to give, during these really hard times. I received a call from the team at THE BEAUTY BOX telling me that they had a secret Santa gift for me. I was so surprised because I am new to Winnipeg and I don't know anyone in the City. Also because of Covid restrictions I have been self-isolating for over 3 weeks! It's been very lonely hard times for me, but I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to my secret Santa, you truly made my day!"
What a great thing to do for a total stranger!
Gifted with Secret Santa
"I ordered several secret Santa gifts for the Beauty Box to send out to my Friends and Family since we can't shop in the stores this year for Christmas! It is a nice way to show our Friends and Family we are thinking about them and also support our local beauty shop"Thanks, guys for doing such a great job!
Secret Santa Supporter
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