Do you travel?

Yes, currently within Winnipeg, MB Canada and the surrounding areas.

See our travel rates under our travel rate tab.

We are in the process of expanding our Just glam IT! On the GO! Beauty Crew to additional major cites in THE USA + Canada Cities TORONTO|REGINA|EDMONTON|CALGARY|VICTORIA| 

*If you are a certified make-up artist looking for paid work contact us!

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Where can I see your portfolio?

Our portfolio can be viewed on our insta-gram page + face book pages, please click this link to be re-directed.

 What is the difference from Just glam IT! On the GO “Cosmetician Cop” or “Rookie”

Cosmetician Cops are artists that have been working in the industry for a long-time. Rookies are new artists that are just starting their careers in the beauty industry. 

How do I request a Make-up or Hair Stylist?

We are only a call | click | email away|  

When do I need to confirm the number in my bridal party?

It is best to confirm your bridal members early into your booking, this will allow for you to take advantage of the lowest bridal party booking rates. Unfortunately, if members drop out of your party booking once you have confirmed you will be required to still pay for the members that you have confirmed. In the unlikely event that this happens we recommend that you fill your space with someone else that is attending the wedding.

Can I have individual invoices for my bridal party?

To keep our wedding package invoices simple, we prefer to handle only one invoice.  You may request that we deal with your bridal members individually, an additional processing fee of $10.00 will be added to each individual invoice created.

Why should I book a Pre-run?

Many brides ask why do you request a pre-run?  The Make-up Pre-run or make-up trial is your opportunity to meet with your Make-up Artist and Hair team prior to your wedding day. No one wants an unprofessional make-up artist that does not get along with you and your bridal party. If another company or make-up artist offers to book your wedding without a pre-run, I would be questioning      why? Are they going to show up? Are they going to do a shotty make-up job? Are they professional? Will their tools be sanitized?  We have received numerous calls from frantic Brides on their wedding day requesting our services last minute because of unprofessional Make-up Artists and hair stylist that left them on the line last minute. Don’t let that be you and your Bridal party. Book with the professionals.

Our Just glam it! pre-run gives you the opportunity to meet with your pro certified make-up artists and get to know each other, as your professional make-up artist takes you through the make-up look that they feel would be best suited for you.  Its now your time to talk-up and let the make-up artist and hair team know exactly the look that you want to re-create on your big day!  It’s ok to say I’m not sure about that or I feel that it’s just too much make-up for me, can you tone this down, can you hide that imperfection more.  If you don’t tell them what you are looking for it makes their job harder.

We are here to please you and take away the stress on your wedding day!


We are reliable, professionals when it comes to wedding beauty services.  Our team is consisting of top in demand certified make-up artists, that are actively working in the industry.

“beauty is our business” not a side-line that we do occasionally.

If, Quality | Service| Professionalism | are important to you then you have the perfect team.

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 Do you offer Vegan Products?

Vegan products may be requested.

What Cosmetic Brands do you offer?

We offer only quality top name cosmetics with all our bookings. Some brands may include: Morphe | Sheriff Professional Cosmetics | MAC | Anastasia Beverly Hills | Touch Factor

 Still, have a question that was not answered? Contact us,  our Just glam IT! team is here to assist you!