School Day Trips

Elementary Schools | High School | or Home School looking for your next field trip?

Oh, do you recall? The best field trip of all?

The Beauty Box by Sheriff offers more than just a field trip, we offer JUST glam IT!  self-worth workshops.

The public-school system today is doing a great job with educating our youth in MATH|HISTORY| ENGLISH all the practical things that one needs to be successful. The only thing is that our children are not feeling as confident today, many children are suffering from low self-esteem and little self-worth.  This issue is potentially a result of our teachers being overworked, along with children being bullied within the school system, the use of social media and our fast-paced impersonal society is also not helping our children grow up to be confident self-loving individuals.

 “We saw a need to reach our youth, our mission is to build-up value + love in each child we encounter”.

                                                                                 – founder-

Our school day trips are great for kids from Grades K–12; and are available from September – June.

Our Programs are for full days trips or half-day trips.

  • During our field trips we will cover:
  • Loving yourself – perfect as you are
  • The importance of self-grooming
  • Skin Care
  • Make-up looks to enhance you
  • Being your best you

Written material will be provided, along with some take-home beauty goodies.

Some of the most memorable times for kids in school is around field trips, why should your self image not be one of those next trips you take?

Group Rates From $15.00 ea.

Lunch can be provided for an extra fee:

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Cosmetology School | Esthetician School looking for a field trip?

Are you a cosmetology school? Or an esthetician school in Winnipeg?

We have had many professional esthetician schools bring in their students for an exciting ½ day JUST Glam IT! beauty make-up workshop.

Your group can expect to learn some new, now trending make-up skills in our beautiful facilities.

Students will be offered an amazing time to browse our JUST Glam IT! Beauty store and will be able to purchase some great brand name beauty products to enhance their make-up kits at discounted prices.

Rates from: $15.00 ea

Lunch may be provided for an additional fee:

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Tips on building up your child’s self-esteem for TEACHERS + PARENTS

Teaching children how to do things, by taking the time to show them and assist them is key to building up confidence in any child.

  • We all can use some praise from time to time.
  • We need to not just be telling our youths what they should be doing, but we need to set the example with our own behaviors by being great role models.
  • Harsh criticism does not empower our youth but discredits them.
  • We need to daily focus on everyone’s strengths.
  • Teach them that they are fearfully + wonderfully made
  • Encourage them to embrace | respect | love the body that they are in.

If we all did a little along the way, it would change their lives tomorrow!

Why not book them into a personal makeup class, it immediately builds self-value.

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