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something new! - spa party boxes for the do-it- yourselfer! everything you need in one box!

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The Beauty Box by Sheriff have taken the guesswork out of how to host your own successful  We glam IT! Girl’z SPA Party at HOME! 

Each kit contains: Matching disposable plates, glasses, labels, Our exclusive games + prizes to keep the kids entertained.  Makeup, Nail polish + all of the essentials that you will require to host your very own Girl’s spa party in your home. 

Contact us with your party size for a quote.  We ship Worldwide shipping rates will apply, or you may pop into our shop in St. Vital Center to order and pick up your spa-party-in-a-box! 

we glam IT!

So you are looking for your next girl’s spa best birthday party?

You are one of the lucky ones to stumble across our amazing Glama Girlz Spa themed birthday or any day celebration packages. 

We offer full SPA birthday parties for girl’s, plus our spa Mom + Me Pamper Packages, Me + My BFF Packages,  along with Day-Camps for kids throughout  the year!

check our calendar for up-coming workshops + events!

So what is a Glama Girlz Party all about?

All of our spa party packages consist of a common theme, they are all centered around beauty, glam and building self-esteem within of our party goers. 

We offer many packages.  From your group having make-up done by our we glam IT! team of professional make-up artists with glittery eyes and glossy lips, to mini-manicures, followed up with a photo-shoot, using some fun cool photo props. 

Or do you live with a model in the making then our paparazzi birthday party would be the perfect thing. She will be VIP for the day as She learns how to walk the pink carpet like a Hollywood celebrity! For girls that prefer a more hands on experience we offer our making your own lip-balms party along with our soap making birthday party packages!

We got this Birthday covered in we glam IT style!


Choose your Favorite we glam IT! Party Package!

Glama girl'z
princess party

Chemist in the making

Model in the making

Diva tweenz
makeup party

This Party is perfect for her and her friends who want to get all glitz up with makeup, consisting of, glittery eyes, glossy lips and mini-manicures. This party is a sure win for girls that love to be pampered. 

We can customize to suit all ages.

Recommended: 3-12 years


  • 2-2.5 hours
  • our location
  • 6 children including the birthday girl
  • mini-manicures
  • makeup application, glossy lips and glittery eyes
  • games + prizes
  • cheese pizza
  • our exclusive princess punch.
  • photo-props
  • min 1 digital image of each child in attendance

Party Package Price: $398.99

Additional Children welcome $25.00 ea

*see our party package add on’s from candy bars, loot bags, cotton candy. 

please note: min 15% gratuity will be added to all party booking

Our chemist in the making birthday party package,is the perfect birthday party for girls who want to make lip balms, by adding their own creative flare, scents, flavors and labels. 

Each child in attendance will get to take home their creation as a keepsake to the day!

This party package is enjoyable for all party goers allowing them to get crafty, and glamorous as well.

We can customize to suit ages.

Recommended: 7+ years


  • our location
    matching decor
    2.5 hours in length
    6 kids including the birthday girl
    make-up application
    making lip-balms session
    games, prizes for all in attendance
    min of 1 digital image of each child in attendance

Package Price $399.98
Additional Kids: $30.00ea

*see our party package add on’s from candy bars, loot bags, cotton candy. 

please note: min 15% gratuity will be added to all party booking

We reserve the right to substitute party package, due to supply issues that may arise. 


This party offers a little of this and a whole lotta that Just glam IT! Beauty Box with glamour stuff.  This birthday party is perfect for building up self-esteem for all children in attendance. Your group of party goers will learn how to walk the cat walk,  runway walks, poses, and they will each be pampered to perfection with make-up application, mini-manicures, photo-props + accessories as they are embarked with the paparazzi snapping away with a photo session fit for a model in the making. 

Let them celebrate this birthday in VIP style, by walking the pink carpet.

Package Price: $399.98

Includes 6 kids in total

Cheese Pizza

Glam Punch

Runway – Style – Fashion session Make your own limited paper bag style runway atire, photo session with our paparazi glam team. 

Games and Prizes for all kids in attendance. 

Additional kids: $30.00

*see our party package add on’s from candy bars, loot bags, cotton candy. 

please note: min 15% gratuity will be added to all party booking

This is the perfect teen birthday party for a group of girls; that are just starting to Just glam IT! this session also great for the make-up enthusiast.  Customized training available.

This birthday party package is includes a beautiful, fun, learning experience, not found any where else in Winnipeg, MB Canada.

Your group will be lead from our Just glam IT! make-up instructor.

They will each gain a make-up lesson that teaches them how to perfect their day to day make-up application.

Each party Includes:

  • our professional make-up academy school location
  • matching decor
  • total of 6 girls (including the birthday girl)
  • cheese Pizza
  • our exclusive diva punch
  • 2- 2.5 hours in length
  • each guest will receive a certificate upon completion
  • discount coupon + specialty pricing for product purchases made in the retail cosmetic store The Beauty Box by Sheriff

Price: $425.00

Additional Teens: $30.00ea

*see our party package add on’s from candy bars, loot bags, cotton candy. 

please note: min 15% gratuity will be added to all party booking

Let’s make-up some hand soaps, this group birthday party package will have the adding their own colors and glitter as they pick some awesome scents to fully customize their own hand soap creations. Each hand soap will be created using some beauty some beauty inspired shapes from lipsticks, lips, purses and everything girly. This is the perfect birthday party package for a group of girls be crafty with our Just glam IT! team leading the group.

Your group will get to take home their one-of-a-kind creations, in a reusable mason jar including a bath scrubber that they can enjoy at home.

Package Price: $425.00

Includes: 6 kids total

Cheese Pizza

Glam Punch

Games and Prizes for all in attendance

All supplies to make and take home thier own bubbly creations. 

Each in attendance will create thier own unique take home soap, create thier own custom scents, colors and shapes.  Its a great educational, fun party experience like no other.  Min 1 soap per child. 

Additional  Kids:

$30.00 ea


*see our party package add on’s from candy bars, loot bags, cotton candy. 

please note: min 15% gratuity will be added to all party booking

We require a 50% deposit at the time of all party bookings.

The balance is due on the day of you girls birthday party booking.

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