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Learn hairstyling in our Winnipeg Beauty School!

Add on to your beauty skills!

 Join our intensive hands on hairstyling program taught by industry leaders.

This program is suitable for students who are
new to hairstyling and seeking professional instruction.

Upon successful completion of program,
student will receive Certificate of completion for Hairstyling.

Additional programs coming shortly hair extensions sew ins, tape-ins + only at Winnipeg location. 


During the program 3 day intensive hands on hairstyling course students will learn the following:

DAY 1: Blow drying and hot tools

The blow dry: Learning different ways a blow dry and brush. Student will learn

how to work with: flat paddle brush or voluminous round brush plus techniques.

Also, different ways to add volume to hair without a round brush.

  • How to properly blow dry hair
  • Blow dry from root to tip
  • Settings on blow-dryer
  • Techniques to avoid less brittle ends, breakage and a faster blow dry time
  • Product knowledge/ Hair knowledge (hair types)

Hot tool curling techniques

  • Working with curling irons + wands
  • Understanding curl techniques
  • Avoid “fishhook ends”
  • Completing a curl
  • How to wave hair without deep waver tool
  • Comb + Brush knowledge


DAY 2: Backcombing and Braids

  • Fundamentals of backcombing
  • Back combing tools and techniques (combs and brushes)
  • Proper way of back combing
  • Braids: Learning the basic braids and braiding techniques. (Learning to
  • incorporate it into a style)
  • 2 strand braid: using only 2 strands creating a simple and unique braid
  • Invisible and visible braids: how to create both braids also how to finish them
  • Introductory to Fishtail braids

 DAY 3- Putting it altogether

Create your own Bridal or Glam look with curls, back combing and braids!

  • Down & curly styled with braids
  • Braided styles
  • Braided simple updos- Great for brides or grads
  • Everyday simple and easy styles
  • Braids and bun style

                                                  READY?   SET?  JUST glam IT! with our Winnipeg Hair Schools



DURATION: 3 DAYS | 4 hours per class |



Location: 1395 190 unit Ellice Ave Winnipeg, MB              

START DATE:  Program runs every month 1st Friday and continues into SAT+SUN

TIME: Friday 6:00-10:00 p.m., Sat +Sun 12:00-4:00 p.m.

TUITION: $665.00

GAINS: Certificate, 1 hot hair tool, Access to all hair products/tools



UH, OH- Busy life? Our schedule doesn’t work for you. We offer private classes with FLEXIBLE dates.

Let us know what days and times are working best for you and we’ll work our GLAM-TASTIC MAGIC and accommodate you and your busy life- We get!

Private classes are $199.00 extra.


JUST glam IT! in Winnipeg with the best hair schools choice !