So, you said I do to happy ever after!

award winning bridal makeup amd jhair services

Say, yes to our make-up and hair services

you will be happy that you did!

You have picked your spouse, your dress and taking the time to find the perfect venue. 

Now it’s time to hire the best team We glam IT! team for your make-up and hair services.

If you are looking for a professional bridal make-up and hair team then you need to look no more.

Our makeup artist and hair team are in demand artists that specialize with bridal make-up and hair services.

Due to the high demand from our previous bridal bookings, we have come up with a  bridal hair and make-up package, that is sure to have you glamming it down the aisle in style. 

Make-up package

Hair package

Our bridal Make-up package includes

  • Bride + 5 total wedding package for 6 ppl
  • Bridal Pre-run for our bride
  • Free makeup application for flower-girl under 12 years
  • Bridal party discounts on additional services: individual eyelash extensions, skincare regime, waxing or threading
  • Travel not included
Package Price: $ 498.98 + applicable taxes/gratuities

Our Bridal HAIR package includes

  • Bride + 5  hair wedding package for 6 ppl
  • Bride hair Pre-run for our bride
  • Discount for flower-girl under 10 years old  
  • Prices may vary due to hair length, styles, extensions not included.                            
  • Travel plus 15% min gratuity not included                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Package Price: From $498.99 + applicable taxes/gratuities

Why you should hire a professional make-up artist and hair stylist?

These are the top 10 reasons why you want to hire a professional makeup artist and hair-stylist for your wedding:

#1 Hiring our We glam IT! team of professionals will ensure that your day runs stress free

#2 Our team of professional artists know the bridal industry, and insure you and your bridal party look  great

#3 You and your bridal team will be camera ready, afterall you will have your photos for a lifetime

#4 We will offer a consistency with your bridal party make-up and hair look

 #5 We offer the security of doing a pre-run, no surprises on the wedding day

 #6 Having worked with hundreds of Brides we understand that the big day can be stressful, our team has the experience first hand on calming our brides on the big day

 #7 We are reliable, puncutial once you have booked you are assured that your We glam IT! team will show up on your wedding day, we have saved many weddings that have hired unreliable make-up artists for their weddings only to find them scrabbling at the last minute to find a make-up and hair stylist.

#8 Your make-up and hair will be set in place for your wedding day! 

#9 Our We glam IT! team is all certified. Glam beauty is our business full time, not a part time job!

#10 Most important you will look glamtastic

Ready? Set, We glam IT OUT!