Glam Parties

spa glam parties - fit for a diva or queen!


Are you looking for a great birthday party idea for a group of ladies your girlfriend or wife? Or how about the kids in your life and let’s not forget to mention that awkward age the teenager that is in high school?  We have the perfect party solution for girls of all ages, how about a spa or pamper make-up party it makes for a great birthday party celebration and is available right here in Winnipeg?

We have our beautiful Just glam it!  Party packages available, they are a sure win that will suit any lady’s night out stagette, bridal shower, baby reveal party or a girl’s birthday party, all within our beautiful Just Glam IT!  studio. We offer only top-notch Cadillac make-up beauty services; we will have you all leaving in style.  We also offer our spa-tacular services mobile.

So why would you not Just Glam IT! for your next party., 

check out our spa party line up!

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