Pre Wedding Grooming

Pre-Wedding Grooming


Bridal Pre wedding – Skin Detoxification-

Let’s get your skin GLAMtastic


Skin Detoxification

Let’s get your skin GLAMtastic

This treatment consists of our in house mango skin-care treatment including exfoliate, facial massage, facial waxing + includes makeup application, for the same day of your facial treatment. 

Treatment should be performed no later than 2 weeks prior to the wedding date.

Book the Groom and make-it a duo event! 


Price $99.00  Special Price

for brides that have pre booked a wedding package.

Price $150.00 

if not booked with a wedding package.

                                      *by appointment only

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With Bridal Make-up Package:

Price $99.00 for all brides that have pre-booked wedding package. 

Save $50.00

Bring the Groom

Bride and Groom Duo Skin Detoxification 

Price $125.00 includes two must have pre-booked wedding package

Without Bridal Make-up Package booking:

Price $150.00  without pre-booked wedding package.

Groom $50.00 without pre-booked wedding package.

all prices listed above are subject to applicable taxes. 


Lets Pull, Pluck and Lash you up!


 No Bride wants to walk down the aisle to join her Groom, with brows that are looking doom.  We will get your brows in tip top shape, as our Just glam it! team pull and pluck out any stragglers. You will have the option of having your brows waxed or threaded to  your perfection.

Upper Lip/Facial Hairs:

The only one with a mustache should be the groom, let our team remove any upper lip hair, so that you start off your wedding day hair free.  

Under Arm/Leg/Bikini

We will remove underarm hairs along with lower leg hair removal during this session, oh ya, we did not forget to get down and low with including a clean original classic line to your bikini area.  


No Bride would be complete without a tiera, the tiera on your face is  your eyelashes, just imagine how your eyelashes frame your eyes. you are going to be the center of attention, Don’t you want to stand out in a bold way.  Our Just glam It! team will apply individual mink 3d eyelashes that will enhance and really draw attention to your face. 

                  The Beauty Box by Sheriff Just glam it! Team, leave no detail out. 

                                            We are your wedding beauty experts!








VALUE Bridal Package Option 1: 

This package includes; brow clean-ups, shape and define, upper lip hair clean-ups, bikini classic shape, lower leg and underarm hair removal, also includes individual eyelash extensions natural looking set. 

Price:  Coming soon!

VALUE Bridal Package Option 2: 

Everything listed in Option 1  offered with medium volume individual eyelash extensions for a bolder look.

Price:  Contact us!

VALUE Bridal Package Option 3:

Eeverting  listed in Option one, with extra -extra volume individual eyelash extensions, this is the fullest set for the daring bold bride. 

Price: Contact us 


Services may also be booked on an individual basis:

  • Brows  – waxing
  • Brows -threading 
  • Upper lip – waxing 
  • Upper lip – wax or thread 
  • Under arm
  • Lower leg
  • Bikini
  • Individual eyelash extensions
  • Natural 
  • Medium
  • Bold

contact us for appointment/prices



Without Bridal Make-up Package:

Price $150.00 if not booked with a bridal package

With Bridal Make-up Package:

Price $99.00 for all brides that have booked make-up services package.

Bring the Groom

Bride and Groom Duo Skin Detoxification 

Price $125.00 includes two must have booked wedding make-up package

Let’s Pre-Groom our Groom

Todays groom  does care about how he will look on the most important day of his life, The Wedding Day!

Our Just glam it! Team have put together a great pre-groom package fit for our King. 

During this session, we will get his face in tip top shape with our facial services, as we clean up those brows and unwanted facial hairs.

By appointment – book today!


This session includes a manly man’s facial along with brow shaping and clean-up.

Price: $65,00 

all prices listed above are subject to applicable taxes.