Jeffree Star artistry palette Morphe X

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Limited Stock: get you’re Morphe X Jeffree Star Eyeshadow Palette 



  • Row 1: Welcome (shimmering crystal), Back (matte blush), To (shimmering pink pearl), My (matte cotton candy), Channel (matte poppy), Wand Noise (blood orange sheen)
  • Row 2: Lynn (matte cream), 1985 (matte melon), Mogul (matte deep magenta), Self-Made (matte hot pink), Dog Mom (shimmering pinky-peach), Honest Truth (matte coral)
  • Row 3: Designer Label (shimmering champagne), Mr. Diva (matte tangerine), Boss Angeles (matte cayenne), Pink Fleet (matte fuchsia), Calabasas (matte merlot), Don’t Know Her (shimmering bubblegum pink)
  • Row 4: Rolls With It (shimmering cool gold), Millions (golden glitter), Girrrl (shimmering copper), What’s the Tea? (matte ochre), Vroom Vroom (matte slate gray), Custom Rims (shimmering polished silver)
  • Row 5: Glam Rapids (shimmering golden mint), Wake & Bake (matte avocado green), Nate (matte bright green), Drive-Thru (shimmering antique gold), Hi Dude! (matte dark chocolate), Fast Lane (matte ink black)


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