The Best Winter Makeup Tips For Glowing Skin, According To Experts

The Best Winter Makeup Tips For Glowing Skin, According To Experts

Every winter, we are tasked with adjusting our skincare and makeup routine to accommodate the dry, cold winter air. Flaky and irritated skin seems to be the norm every winter season, and the idea of a winter glow feels more and more out of reach. The good news is that it only takes some tweaking to achieve your dream glowy complexion. Here are some makeup and skincare tips for you to get that glowing skin this winter.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Every glowy complexion starts with a well-hydrated base. Spend extra time massaging your moisturizer into the skin to boost its natural glow, and don’t be afraid to be generous with it!

Know When To Moisturize

Here’s an extra hack: apply moisturizer when your skin is still damp after showering. The steam from your shower helps open up your pores and allows your moisturizer to penetrate deeper layers of your skin. The result? You will be glowing from the inside out! Look out for products with vitamins C and E in the ingredients list for some added radiance.

Stick To Creams

Powder products can make the skin look dull and flat, especially if your skin is drier than usual. We recommend using a moisturizing CC cream with subtle reflective pigments to up the glow factor. Remember to use products with SPF or apply a layer of sun protection under your makeup. UV protection is important year-round!

Switch Your Primer

Change up a traditional mattifying primer with a luminous one instead. The subtle shimmer in the primer will give your skin a glow-from-within look. It’ll also add another layer of hydration your skin desperately needs!

Use Cream Or Liquid Foundation

The only thing worse than flaky skin is when your foundation sticks to them and highlights the dry flakes. Nothing ruins your glowy look more than a patchy and uneven foundation. We recommend using a foundation with a creamier base that is less likely to settle into flakes and dry skin. If you feel like the foundation is too dewy, you can always add a little powder on your T-zone to dial back the shine.

Add Liquid Highlighter

Apply a liquid highlighter with a damp sponge for the most natural glow. Your skin will look naturally dewy and bright from within.

Moisturizer On Hand

If your skin gets dry during the day, keep a facial mist with you to spray for a mid-day dose of hydration. It’ll stop the makeup from getting cakey while providing a little extra moisture.


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