A Naturally Beautiful Valentine's Day Makeup Look

A Naturally Beautiful Valentine's Day Makeup Look

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! And it’s one of our favourite holidays because the point of it is to celebrate all types of love, not just romantic love! While we will most likely be celebrating at home or over video calls, you can still try this beautiful Valentine’s Day makeup to spark some joy for the occasion.

While Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love between others, don’t forget that you should also show yourself some love too. So take this chance to highlight the features that you love about your own face and give them the love that they deserve.

We love a soft, bronze-y smokey eye paired with a bold lip. You can start by taking care of your base makeup with your usual routine (foundation, concealer, brows, setting powder, bronzer and blush). After that, you can focus on defining the eyes with a smokey bronze colour along the top and bottom lashes. You can go a little heavy on the top since we’ll be diffusing and smoking it out. You can deepen the outer corners using a deeper shade of brown if you’d like the look to be a bit more seductive and smokier. Especially if you will be celebrating over a candlelit dinner in the evening!

Next, you’ll want to curl your eyelashes and apply mascara. Add falsies to make the look more dramatic or if your lashes need a bit of help being seen through the eyeshadow. Finally, apply your bold lipstick, either a nice red or another fun pop of colour.

If you find that time is of the essence, and you only have the option of focusing on your eyes or your lips, we recommend going for the lipstick. It can make a dramatic difference in making you look put together in the least amount of time!

If you want your lipstick to last longer, follow these steps:

Apply your lip balm of choice to your lips first, then line your lips using a lip liner that matches your lipstick before applying your lipstick. To make it really stick, apply a thin layer of setting powder over top of this, then follow with a second layer of lipstick. This way, even if your first layer of lipstick rubs off, you’ll still have a second layer underneath.

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